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Super advanced technology let humanity bring back and live among dinosaurs and megafauna. With dino-control technology, machines, beasts and humans working together were able to bring pollution down to almost zero. Oxygen levels raised. Flora and fauna grew in size and finally a peaceful and self sustained world was achieved. All thanks to the supercomputer known as the Evolution, the very apex of human technological achievements, until the singularity, also known as the Cybergeddon happened.

The sentient Evolution decimated humanity and enslaved all remaining living creatures, telepathically controlling dinosaurs and humans alike creating the Final Impact, a military unit specialized in hunting down humans and feral dinosaurs for total world domination!!!

A small group of Raiders escaped, living on the run in a new world between feral prehistoric wilderness and technological doom! But the surviving humans are strong and their willpower is iron. Alongside their tamed dinosaur companions incredible technology they will retaliate and launch the ultimate Jurassic Clash!