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Over the years Lanard has continued to innovate with new products bringing fun and enjoyment to kids of all kinds... even the big kids! Alongside the evolution of our products, Lanard has introduced new figures to its Corps! action figures, brought uniqueness to its outdoor art Chalkie line of products, and further expanded our customers to a wider global market. Lanard has transformed the way it designs and innovates. And truly has a desire to consistently bring their fans and customers great, lasting products each year. Let us reflect on some of the great accomplishments and company milestones that have made an impression throughout the years.

History of Lanard Toys

Lanard Toys is a multinational toy company founded in 1978. The company began in a tiny Hong Kong Office in with a staff of two, a decade of retail and toy experience, and a line of six preschool toys. These toys originated from Lanard's first toy, a unique circular saw that when ran along a surface it appeared as though it was sawing right through it. Check out this youtube video of the saw in action.  By 1980 Lanard added several new products to the line to make more than 20 unique toys.

In the 1980's Lanard had begun rapidly expanding their current brands to include Prop Shots and Super Shots. As well as starting new inspiring projects like Gung Ho! in 1987, which later became, what we know today as The Corps!. While also making a presence in the vehicle category with the introduction of King Kong and Mean Machine Monster Trucks.

By year 2000, Lanard Toys expanded their presence to include a showroom in New York city, a design studio in Oxnard, California, a warehouse complex in Sugar Creek, Mo and moving their headquarters to Hong Kong. Featuring an impressive product line of more than 250 toys, featuring everything from bubble toys and flying toys, to air pressured water guns and action figures. That same year the movie "Space Cowboy" came out. Utilizing a name from Lanard's own action figure line.  

In 2007 Lanard continues to be a dominant player in the toy industry with unique and innovative products. With new design head their continue to challenge the limits of what can be done with value driven products. They launch many new brands with top selling products include the patented: Ultimate Boomerang, the Giant Chalk Pencil, and Fusion Ball. Also a first was the publication of a Corps! comic book by Devils Due Publishing.

In 2015 Lanard introduced the first ever female figures to The Corps!, Snakebite and Puma. In addition, they have also released a brand new ship christened the "Battle Cruiser" and a massive gunship named the "Beast Bomber" now the largest Corps! vehicle to date.

In 2017 with the blessing of WB (Warner Brothers® and Legendary Pictures®) Lanard is requisitioned to create design entirely new licenced toy lines for a handful of major motion pictures. With creative product positioning, sales, design, and inventive engineering, Lanard Toys successfully launched and maintained an impressive powerhouse of large, action-themed Kong: Skull Island® and RAMPAGE® action figure lines driven by successful motion picture releases.

2020-And Beyond!

With the future looking bright - Lanard will continue to creatively design and deliver successful, impressive products that offer not only great and impacting visual appeal, engaging play-factor, but with great value for all to enjoy for years to come! Many great things are in the works as we press on to bring you the best of what we offer!

Lanard Toys continues to expand on its' brands and bring quality products to their loyal customers. Check out some of Lanard's Toys!

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